Autor: Jenny Rogers
ISBN-13: 9780077158286
Veröffentl: 01.02.2014
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Facing Redundancy

Surviving and Thriving

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Losing your job is one of the hardest challenges and this book will help to make the transition as short and easy as possible.
Foreword by Cary L. Cooper
About the author
Ten top tips for managing redundancy
1. The shock
Why redundancy hurts and how to shorten the time to adjustment
2. Emergency advice
How and why it is so important to protect your reputation and well-being during the immediate process of being given the news; how to exit with grace
3. Getting help
Finding a range of helpers and getting the most out of them
4. How did this happen?
Understanding why redundancy has happened, including what individuals may have contributed
5. Follow the money
Working out where your money is going; implementing a 'Scrimper's Charter'
6. What you want, what you offer
Why it matters it see yourself as a brand. Assessing your whole life not just work, identifying what a dream job would look like
7. Thinking beyond your taken-for-granteds
The importance of not getting stuck on fixed ideas about your next job; where and how you might compromise
8. Job-search: what really works
Getting past unhelpful myths about job search. How to understand and exploit the informal jobs market; using social media
9. Powerful CVs
The role of a CV in job-search, and how to construct a CV that has impact
10. Secrets of success at the interview
De-mystifying the job interview; understanding the process from the employer's perspective; managing nervousness; preparation that counts
11. The alternative life
Exploring new types of career and life: freelance, interim and portfolio working
Losing your job is one of the hardest challenges most people will face, even if they are volunteers. It can be a shock, a challenge to everything you have taken for granted and can cause upheaval in every aspect of your life. Yet it is possible to move on successfully and this book is about how to make the transition as short and easy as possible whatever your age or experience. It answers questions such as:
How do I keep my dignity and self-esteem through the process of being given the news?How do I get the best possible deal and exit with aplomb?
How much will it matter to a new employer that I have been made redundant?
What is the best way of seizing the opportunity to redesign my life and career?
What about money worries while I'm looking for a new job?
How much do social media matter in job-searching? Which job-search techniques really work and which are a waste of time?
What about freelance and interim work? WITH A FOREWORD BY CARY L. COOPER
"Roger's Facing Redundancy brings a deep level of honesty, insight, and most importantly practical support, for career transition in the 21st century."
Katherine Tulpa, CEO, Association for Coaching
"This is a stunning book: easy to read, very informative, packed full of common-sense good advice derived from years of experience. The case studies are short and interesting. It's not an exaggeration to say I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended."
Carolyn Gray, Group Director, HR, Pensions & Sustainability, Guardian Media Group
Autor: Jenny Rogers
Jenny Rogers ist Unternehmensberaterin und Coach. Sie berät sowohl Topmanager als auch junge Menschen in der Karriereplanung. Außerdem trainiert sie Manager in der Fähigkeit, andere effektiv zu überzeugen. Sie ist Direktorin von Management Futures Ltd.

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Autor: Jenny Rogers
ISBN-13:: 9780077158286
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