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International Marketing

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Part 1: An Overview

Chapter 1The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing
Chapter 2The Dynamics of International Markets
Part 2: The Impact of Culture and Political Systems on International Marketing

Chapter 3Geography and History: The Foundations of Cultural Understanding
Chapter 4Cultural Dynamics in International Marketing
Chapter 5The International Political and Legal Environment
Part 3: Assessing International Market Opportunities

Chapter 6Researching International Markets
Chapter 7Emerging Markets and Market Behaviour
Chapter 8Regional Market Groups and Marketing Implications
Part 4: Developing International Marketing Strategies

Chapter 9International Marketing Strategies
Chapter 10International Market Entry Strategies
Chapter 11International Segmentation and Position
Chapter 12 International Branding Strategies
Chapter 13Exporting and Logistics
Chapter 14Ethics and Social Responsibility in International Marketing
Part 5: Making International Marketing Decisions

Chapter 15Product Decisions for International Markets
Chapter 16Marketing Industrial Products and Business Services
Chapter 17International Distribution and Retailing
Chapter 18Pricing for International Markets
Chapter 19International Promotion and Advertising
Chapter 20Personal Selling and Negotiations
Part 6: Supplementary Resources

The Country Notebook: a Guide for Developing a Marketing Plan
Case Studies
Now in its fourth edition this successful introduction to international marketing has been thoroughly revised, updated and developed throughout to reflect the most recent developments in today's dynamic business environment. Contemporary, engaging, and accessible, International Marketing is essential reading for the aspiring practitioner.You will discover:
-The importance of international marketing to creating growth and value
-The management practices of companies, large and small, seeking market opportunities outside their home country
-Why international marketing management strategies should be viewed from a global perspective
-The role of emerging economies in today's business environment
-The impact of increased competition, changing market structures, and differing cultures upon business
Key Features:
-An extensive collection of in-depth Case Studies focus upon a diverse range of companies from around the world and are designed to apply understanding and provoke debate.
-'Going International' vignettes go beyond the theory and demonstrate international marketing in real life with contemporary and engaging examples.
-Further Reading sections have been designed to reflect both the most influential and the most recent studies relating to each chapter acting as a spring board to further study
-Key Terms are highlighted where they first appear and define in the margin for ease of reference to aid understanding. A full Glossary is also provided at the end of the book and online.
-A new chapter in response to reviewer feedback dedicated to International Segmentation and Positioning.
Professor Pervez Ghauri teaches International Marketing and International Business at King's College London. He has been Editor-in-Chief of International Business Review since 1992 and editor (Europe) for the Journal of World Business, since 2008.
Autor: Pervez Ghauri, Philip R. Cateora
Profesor Emérito de la Universidad de Colorado en Boulder, recibió su Ph.D. de la Universidad de Texas en Austin, donde fue elegido miembro de Beta Gamma Sigma. En su carrera académica en la Universidad de Colorado se ha desempeñado como Jefe de la División de Marketing, Coordinador de Programas de Negocios Internacionales, Vicedecano y Decano Interino. Su enseñanza ha abarcado una amplia gama de cursos de marketing y negocios internacionales desde los fundamentos hasta el nivel de doctorado. Recibió la Universidad de Colorado Premio a la Excelencia Docente de Educador y de la Asociación de Marketing de Western Educador del Año.

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