Autor: Donald A. Ball
ISBN-13: 9780077140878
Veröffentl: 01.07.2012
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International Business

The Challenge of Global Competition

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Section One: The Nature of International BusinessChapter 1 The Rapid Change of International BusinessChapter 2 International Trade and Foreign Direct InvestmentChapter 3 International Institutions from an International Business PerspectiveSection Two: International Environmental ForcesChapter 4 Sociocultural ForcesChapter 5 Natural Resources and Environmental SustainabilityChapter 6 Political and Trade ForcesChapter 7 Intellectual Property and Other Legal ForcesChapter 8 Understanding the International Monetary System and Financial ForcesSection Three: The Organizational EnvironmentChapter 9 International Competitive StrategyChapter 10 Organizational Design and ControlChapter 11 Global Leadership Issues and PracticesChapter 12 Assessing and Analyzing MarketsChapter 13 Entry ModesChapter 14 Export and Import PracticesChapter 15 Marketing InternationallyChapter 16 Global Operations and Supply Chain ManagementChapter 17 Managing Human Resources in an International ContextChapter 18 International Accounting and Financial Management
International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition, 13th Global Edition by Ball, Geringer, Minor and McNett continues to be the most current, objective and thorough treatment of International Business available for students. Enriched with maps, photos, and the most up-to-date world data, this text boasts the collective expertise of four authors with firsthand international business experience, specializing in international management, finance, law, global strategy, and marketing - a claim no other text can make. Only Ball, Geringer, Minor and McNett can offer a complete view of International Business as diverse as the backgrounds of business students.
Autor: Donald A. Ball, J. Michael Geringer, Michael S. Minor, Jeanne M. McNett
Consultant to multinational corporations, was a professor of marketing and international business for several years after leaving industry. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio State and a doctorate in business administration from the University of Florida. Ball has published articles in the Journal of International Business Studies and other publications. Before obtaining his doctorate, he spent 15 years in various marketing and production management positions in Mexico, South America, and Europe.

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Autor: Donald A. Ball
ISBN-13:: 9780077140878
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Erscheinungsjahr: 01.07.2012
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Gewicht: 1191g
Seiten: 536
Sprache: Englisch
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