Autor: Gwen Robbins
ISBN-13: 9780073523507
Veröffentl: 01.11.2016
Einband: Loseblatt, gelocht
Seiten: 544
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Format: 277x217x20 mm
Sprache: Englisch

A Wellness Way of Life, Loose Leaf Edition

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1: Understanding Wellness

2: Changing Behavior

3: Developing and Assessing Physical Fitness

4: Maximizing Cardiorespiratory Fitness

5: Developing Flexibility

6: Developing Muscular Fitness

7: Exploring Special Exercise Considerations

8: Preventing Common Injuries and Caring for the Lower Back

9: Maximizing Heart Health

10: Coping with Stress

11: Eating for Wellness

12: Achieving a Healthy Weight

13: Preventing Cancer

14: Understanding Substance Abuse and Addictive Behavior

15: Preventing Sexually Transmitted Disease

16: Exploring Lifetime Wellness Issues

A Wellness Way ofLife helps student readers make sense of the array of confusing andsometimes contradictory health information that bombards the public every day.By minimizing technical jargon and presenting health topics and issues in aclear and accessible way, A Wellness Wayof Life informs students about the science of wellness as it pertains totopics such as exercise, nutrition, weight management, stress, and heart disease,and it empowers them to make smart health decisions in order to enjoy alifetime of wellness. Grounded in solid, up-to-date research, A Wellness Way of Life utilizes innovativetechnologies to engage and motivate students to take their health seriously andmake healthy lifestyle behavior choices.
Autor: Gwen Robbins, Debbie Powers, Sharon Burgess
Debbie Powers is Assistant Professor Emeritus in the School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Science at Ball State University. She retired in 2006 after 30 years of teaching fitness and wellness classes at Ball State. Powers earned her MA in physical education at Ball State University and an additional 30 hours in Wellness Education. She received her BS in physical education and health from Indiana University. A former Division I college basketball player, Powers served as head womens basketball coach at Ball State for 5 years. Before her tenure at Ball State she taught physical education and coached at the high school level. Powerss teaching and research interests include wellness education, fitness, nutrition and weight management. Powers assisted in the development of the nationally recognized fitness/wellness requirement at Ball State University, and has given numerous national and regional presentations on the development, content, and assessment of this undergraduate core curriculum requirement. She has published articles and book chapters in the areas of wellness, assessment, and basketball. In retirement she continues to speak to community groups on a variety of wellness topics and teaches community fitness classes.

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Autor: Gwen Robbins
ISBN-13:: 9780073523507
ISBN: 007352350X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.11.2016
Verlag: McGraw-Hill Education Ltd
Gewicht: 964g
Seiten: 544
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 16011, 11. Auflage
Sonstiges: sonst. Bücher, 277x217x20 mm, Illustrations (chiefly col.), col. map