Autor: Deborah Crombie
ISBN-13: 9780062662088
Veröffentl: 07.02.2017
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Seiten: 415
Gewicht: 448 g
Format: 228x149x38 mm
Sprache: Englisch

Garden of Lamentations

A Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James Novel

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After a cliffhanger ending in the New York Times bestseller, TO DWELL IN DARKNESS, Gemma James races the clock to save the life of a young child, while Scotland Yard detective Duncan Kincaid is faced with the ultimate challenge: find the traitor in his ranks.
Scotland Yard detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James are drawn into separate investigations that hold disturbing-and deadly-complications for their own lives in this powerful mystery in the bestselling series.
On a beautiful morning in mid-May, the body of a young woman is found in one of Notting Hill's private gardens. To passersby, the pretty girl in the white dress looks as if she's sleeping. But Reagan Keating has been murdered, and the lead detective, DI Kerry Boatman, turns to Gemma James for help. She and Gemma worked together on a previous investigation, and Gemma has a personal connection to the case: Reagan was the nanny of a child who attends the same dance studio as Toby, Gemma and Kincaid's son.

Gemma soon discovers that Reagan's death is the second tragedy in this exclusive London park; a few months before, a young boy died in a tragic accident. But when still another of the garden residents meets a violent end, it becomes clear that there are more sinister forces at play. Boatman and Gemma must stop the killer before another innocent life is taken.

While his wife is consumed with her new case, Kincaid finds himself plagued by disturbing questions about several previous-and seemingly unrelated-cases involving members of the force. If his suspicions are correct and the crimes are linked, are his family and friends in mortal danger as well? Kincaid's hunch turns to certainty when a Metropolitan Police officer close to him is brutally attacked. There's a traitor in the ranks, and now Kincaid wonders if he can trust anyone.

As Gemma begins to see a solution to her case, she realizes she holds a child's fate in her hands. Can she do the right thing? And can Kincaid rely on his friends, both inside and outside the Scotland Yard force, to stand beside him as he faces the deadliest challenge of his career?
Autor: Deborah Crombie
Deborah Crombie ist in Dallas aufgewachsen, hat aber lange in Schottland und England gelebt und ist mit einem Schotten verheiratet. Seit ihrem ersten Roman um Inspector Kincaid und Sergeant Gemma James wird sie von der Kritik mit Elizabeth George und Martha Grimes verglichen. Sie wurde für den AGATHA AWARD, den MACAVITY AWARD und den EDGAR ADWARD nominiert.
Die Autorin lebt mit ihrer Familie im Norden von Texas, verbringt aber viel Zeit in England, wo ihre Romane angesiedelt sind.

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Autor: Deborah Crombie
ISBN-13:: 9780062662088
ISBN: 0062662082
Erscheinungsjahr: 07.02.2017
Verlag: Harper Collins Publ. USA
Gewicht: 448g
Seiten: 415
Sprache: Englisch
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