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Therapeutic Strategies for Modulating the Inflammatory Diseases

Therapeutic Strategies for Modulating the Inflammatory Diseases
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ISBN: 9783764356903
Autor: B. M. Weichman
Einband/Bindung: Buch
Sprache: Englisch
Seitenzahl: 111
Erscheinungsjahr: 1997
Verlag: Springer Basel AG
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The Eighth International Conference of the Inflammation Research Association was held on October 27 to 31, 1996 at Hershey Lodge and Convention Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. As have others in this series, the conference focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in acute and chronic inflammatory reactions as well as on therapeutic approaches to treating inflammatory diseases. One outstanding symposium focused on new drugs and was de­ signed as a forum for the dissemination of early clinical results on new anti-inflammatory agents. Other symposia spotlighted exciting advances being made in defining intracellular signaling path­ ways and the potential for future therapeutics that target cytokines and costimulatory pathways. This conference was characterized by a high level of participation by attendees, who represent both the academic and industrial sectors. It was gratifying to note that a large proportion of the attending scientists presented their latest findings during workshops, poster discussions, and pos­ ter se.ssions. This volume covers many of the highlights of the Eighth International Conference and should become a valuable resource for scientists involved in inflammation research and drug discovery.
Artikel-Nr.: 9783764356903
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